I'm an abstract artist based in Upstate New York. My art journey began when I started turning to abstract expressionism to better process my emotions and manage my overall mental health. I enjoy painting to express myself and tell a story through my art. Exploring my passion for painting has led me on a path to develop a deeper connection with my inner self and continue my journey of self discovery.

You can most likely find me on the floor of my studio drinking Dr. Pepper with my black cat beside me. I love experimenting with different textures and am currently exploring the use of recycled paper grocery bags and creating my own textured paste. My color palette and brush strokes are chosen intuitively, telling my story of emotions in the most authentic way.


Art has enabled me to discover a deeper meaning for the world in which I exist. It empowers me to express my emotions and the parts of myself that are otherwise unexplainable. As an abstract expressionist and intuitive painter, I use acrylics and texture to tell my story of the emotions I feel or have experienced. My work is frequently inspired by my love for music – the lyrics and instruments arouse intentional and gestural brush strokes that dance around the canvas, allowing the observer to walk through each chapter of my story. Each color represents specific emotions evoked during the moment of creation. I frequently take steps back during the process to observe my work from different perspectives and view the story as a whole. My intuition guides me through my next move as I play around with color and get lost in the process of painting.