I’m A Coffee Shop Creative

I gain creativity from the ambiance and aroma that I experience while sitting in a coffee shop. As an introvert, I feel a deep sense of belonging in places that exude a cozy atmosphere where I can create independently, but still feel like I’m apart of a community. The scent of freshly brewed coffee evokes creativity and has inspired me to experiment with coffee as an art form.

I have created my own process for painting with coffee, which awakens the senses and creates a unique experience that spreads good energy, creates a warm atmosphere, and balances the mind.

Taste I always start my mornings with an oat milk latte and a warm cinnamon bun. It’s what makes me excited to get out of bed. I then brew a pot of coffee which I drink throughout the day. I enjoy sipping on it while I’m painting to further my connection with the coffee.

Smell As I begin painting, I am overcome with the scent of coffee, which inspires my creativity and makes my studio a more enjoyable place to work. Sometimes I like to light an espresso scented candle to increase the intensity of the coffee.

Touch I then save the used coffee grounds and use them to create my own special texture, which allows me to add dimension by incorporating coffee as a solid and liquid.

Sight By creating layers of coffee on the canvas, I am able to witness the different shades that form as I add layer after layer of a coffee glaze.

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  • Energy

    Spread good energy

  • Warmth

    Create a warm atmosphere

  • Balance

    Keep a balanced mind