Therapeutic Art Coaching

A coping mechanism for the creative in you. 

Explore the power of art healing.

I understand the struggle of managing your emotions – I’ve been there. I created my Therapeutic Art Coaching program to help people explore creative coping mechanisms and experience the power of art healing through one-on-one sessions available in multi-week packages suited to your needs.

As your personal Therapeutic Art Coach, I will equip you with tools to reframe your thoughts, guide you through creative exercises,  and coach you to implement them into your daily life.

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Here's How It Works:

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  3. Live a happier, healthy life through art healing

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  • 1-on-1 Intuitive Painting Session

You will learn how to create a painting solely using your intuition. We will open and relax your mind through the use of journaling and meditation. You will leave this session feeling relaxed after learning new techniques for quieting your mind. A personally curated journal and paint kit are included.

  • 4-week Therapeutic Art Coaching

A 4-week program focusing on developing healthy coping mechanisms and releasing your stress. We will dig deep into your main stressors and explore therapeutic art exercises to help ease your anxieties. After 4 weeks you will have learned new creative coping skills to improve your emotional management. A blank journal will be provided for you.

  • 6-week Therapeutic Art Coaching

An 6-week program diving deeper into your personal goals and exploring different therapeutic art exercises to process your emotions and reframe your thoughts. After 6 weeks you will have learned how to implement healthy coping mechanisms into your daily life and feel better mentally. A blank journal and planner will be provided for you.

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  • Do I need my own materials?

    All materials will be provided for you and include a personally curated paint kit and intuitive painting journal.

  • How much does a consultation cost?

    Consultations are free. During our initial meeting we will go over each program to find the one that works best for you!

  • Do I need artistic experience to have a Therapeutic Art Coach?

    Not at all! Having an interest and desire to learn about art healing so you can live a happier, healthy life is all you need to take one of my programs.

Emotional management is not a universal thing – stop imploring unhealthy coping mechanisms and live a mentally healthy life through Therapeutic Art Coaching.

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